January 4, 2004
That is the date my new website will be uploaded, probably in the evening. I have been working hard at the new design as well as content, and it should be a large step up from this one. Please come back then.

How exactly you found my website I have no idea, but I would like to know, so e-mail me or sign my guestbook. There is probably nothing of interest here (well maybe for a new visitor), but come back at the date above, as I will have uploaded my new site, and it will be much better than this one.

12/29/03 - I have finally decided to make a website that might be worth visiting. The last few days I have been hard at work setting it up. The front page is almost fully coded and functional, and now all I have left to do is convert some of the old stuff into the new format and add the other new content. It's got a great-looking interface and easy-navigation menu; this website design is a step in the positive direction.

My website will change over on the date above whether or not I'm completely done, so come back then. I think it looks pretty awesome so far, and think(hope) you will too.

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