Okay, well this is my math page. Here I've assembled some JavaScripts that I have written myself in the past to do my math homework for me. I do not need them anymore so you can use them. Some of them are really useful for certain math functions, like synthetic division (my personal favorite). Plus a lot of them actually give you the work! Yes, it gives you the work, so you must do nothing on your part. JavaScript must be enabled (which it probably is) for these to work. I can't guarantee that you will find these at all useful. Oh, and don't blame me if you get stuff wrong, the computer is not always right.

Completing the Square
  • Plug the numbers into a regular quadratic equation and get the work and answers for completing the square.

Synthetic Division
  • Type in the values for third and fourth degree equations and get the work and answers.
  • Includes Fraction to Decimal and Mixed Fraction to Fraction calculators

Quadratic Formula
  • Type in the values and get the work and answers in the quadratic formula form.
  • Includes the capability to do imaginary numbers.

Solving Logarithms
  • Type in two values in a logarithm in either of three different formats and get the answer for x.

Radians and Degrees
  • Convert from radians to degrees or degrees to radians
  • Get answers in decimal or fraction format

Some Parabola Stuff
  • Find the Vertex and Y-intercept of a parabola in two different formulas.
  • Get the work and answers for certain problems by plugging in values.

Other Calculators
  • Fractions to Decimals
  • Decimals to Fracions
  • Mixed Fractions to Fractions
  • Fractions to Mixed Fractions

Copyright © 2003 by Matt Doyle